We did it. We finally changed our Fun Summer Wines table into our Fall Favorites. It was a hard shift to make with the summer days still hanging on well into October. But alas, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner and it had to be done.

September and October is typically the time when many people shift from the crisp refreshing white wines of summer to the medium body reds that accompany those hearty meals so well. Not to mention the shift in seasons was subtly effecting the food and wine we were craving. Soups, stews, roasted vegetable and hearty meat recipes were beginning to fill up my browser history and were increasingly the dog eared pages in my cookbooks. 

Our staff has been seriously considering our red wine selection as of late. We have taken the task of researching our wine selection very seriously (it’s a rough job) to give you a few of our recommendations for these fantastic autumn days and crisp nights.

Roagna Dolcceto - $18

This is the perfect pizza and pasta wine. Its medium bodied red from the Piedmont region of Italy. Piedmont is known for its more expensive Nebbiolo varietal but the dolcetto is a fantastic, young wine that is great for everyday consumption.

Chaman - $16

For the price this wine will knock your socks off. This full bodied wine out of Argentina is a blend of Cab Franc and Malbec and is a great choice for food with a lot of spice. Spicy seafood dishes, stews, chilies, enchiladas are all great food pairings for this wine. It will also hold up well to grilled or roasted meats.

Chinon- $22

This more traditional expression of a cab franc from the Loire Valley in France, with its spicy, green pepper notes and well balanced acidity and tannins, is a fantastic fall wine. It will pair well with veal dish such as saltimbocca with fresh sage and prosciutto or a marinated pork dish with fresh rosemary.  Slow cooked stews with fresh herbs such as rosemary, tarragon or sage are also a great pairing for this wine.