Now at Missoula Wine Merchants!

Have you ever wished you could have just a taste of that 1996 Barolo or 2005 Bordeaux and let the rest of the bottle age? Or have you ever wanted to open an amazing bottle without feeling pressured to drink it all in one evening?

Enter, Coravin. It's a wine preservation system that uses a needle inserted through the cork to pour as much or as little of a bottle as you want, without pulling the cork. The system’s pressurized argon capsule replaces the poured volume of wine with inert argon gas, which maintains integrity of the wine and prevents oxidization.

You can taste your way through your cellar without sacrificing an entire bottle. Or you can drink your favorite wines one glass at a time, with the ability to retaste from the same bottle in weeks, months, or years to come.

Missoula Wine Merchants is the only authorized Coravin retailer in Missoula. We stock the Coravin Model One and Model Two systems, along with refill capsules. Stop by or give us a call at 406.728.1911 to learn more!

Coravin Model One

  • $199.95
  • Blue and white design accents
  • One year manufacturer's warranty
  • Includes 2 refill capsules

Coravin Model Two

  • $299.95
  • Metallic grey design accents
  • Texturized rubber grip
  • One year manufacturer's warranty
  • Includes 2 refill capsules